Fall/Winter 2018 to Present - Following return of the Tea House to Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA) and placement into temporary storage; a “Tea House Preservation Leadership Team” was formed to deliberate the questions of a) Eastside interest in preserving the tea house, and b) if yes; to develop an actionable plan for a permanent site location and situational environment to allow maximum use and enjoyment by the community-at-large.

The following statement summarizes the “TEAMS” objectives:  TEAM members are in unanimous agreement the Sekisui Tea House (cha-shitsu) should be preserved preferably on the Eastside in a location with controlled public access for a multitude of uses with an emphasis on the cultural Arts & Crafts of Japan. Additionally it was recognized the Tea House situated in a favorable and suitable facility and immediate surrounding areas would have a limitless number of uses besides the obvious one for the “formal tea ceremony (cha-no-yu).

Further it was recognized the Tea House is a “special structure” that even while standing alone makes a statement, and presents an unequalled aura/ambience. The tea house/cha-shitsu is a distinctive marker for the prominence of the highly refined Arts & Crafts of Japan.”  It is envisioned the “Tea House” will serve as “hub” for a wide array of Japan-related cultural, educational, business, organizations and societal activities; thus becoming a “Activities Center”.



“TEAM Members*” represent sectors of government, business, education, Japanese cultural art & craft, and non-profit organizations. Meetings are underway to share information and data as we strive to develop a workable model that leads to a fully developed formal and specific executable “Business Plan”.

Simultaneously, we are broadening our network of information sharing with the community-at- large through development of a website and social media.


Members and Affiliations

*Following is a partial list of current members & affiliations.

Brooke, Thomas (Tom)  ENMA
Brooke, Katsuko ENMA
Iida, Jeffrey Business Consultant
Jackson, Maple Japan Fair & Japan Week @ Bellevue College
Konno, Tatsuhiko Professional Sword Sharpener, Japanese Art Swords Owner
Kurosawa, Yoshiharu Japan Business Association of Seattle
Lee, Conrad Bellevue City Councilmember/Former Mayor
Matsumoto Stewart, Anne Bellevue College (BC), ENMA, Japan Week @ BC
Nakamoto, Allen Japan Fair
Nakamoto, June Japan Fair
Takahashi, Susumu (Sam) Restaurant Operator
Tokita, Kurt Japanese Culture & Community Center
Uchikura, Kenichi Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.