The following overview provides a broad outline of the history of the “Aki Matsuri Tea House”, and its current status.

Late/Summer/Fall 1989

Sekisui House LLC (Japan) and Sekisui House America donated a “Tea House Structure” to the City of Bellevue for use at the annual Japan Week in Bellevue Events. The unit was manufactured in Japan and ocean shipped to the USA. Sekisui House Japan also sent knowledgeable employees (carpenters) to assist with the initial setup in the Bellevue Square for the fall 1989 Japan Week in Bellevue Event, and to train locals to dissemble the structure for storage when not in use and setup for future Japan Week in Bellevue Events.    

1989 ~ 1997

The Tea House was reportedly setup for each of the annual Japan Week in Bellevue Events, and disassembled for storage following each event during this eight (8) year period.  

Fall 1997

The Japan Week in Bellevue Event was discontinued.

1998 ~ 1999

The annual Aki Matsuri began in 1998, and was presented during this 2-year period without use of the Tea House.

Summer/Fall 2000

The Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA) non-profit organization was incorporated to more fully support an expanding program of the annual Aki Matsuri Event. ENMA members recalling the Tea House at Japan Week in Bellevue Events began a search finding it in a City of Bellevue Utility Facility with the aid of City employees.

Official ownership of the Tea House was transferred from the City of Bellevue to Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association. ENMA setup the structure for presentation of the formal Japanese Tea Ceremony (cha-no-yu) and enjoyment of matsuri attendees for the next ten (10) years. However accumulative deterioration due to “wear & tear and damage” associated with yearly set-up/ takedown/crating/transport/storage was deemed to be reaching unacceptable levels.

ENMA members understood the Tea House could best serve the community for decades to come if installed in a more permanent setting negating the stress and damage of yearly set up and take-down.

February 2011

ENMA loaned the Tea House to Mr. Tomio Moriguchi (Uwajimaya Inc. and Hokubei Hochi Foundation) under legal agreement where it was used for a multitude of activities including cha-no-yu.

July 2018

ENMA was informed under terms of the agreement the Tea House would be returned to ENMA to accommodate a construction project where the teahouse was installed.


ENMA has placed the disassembled tea house in temporary storage pending a decision on future use by the Tea House Preservation Leadership Team charged with the task of determining community-wide interest in preservation and preferred future uses.